14 Ways to Get the Best Deals at the Shopping Mall

14 Ways to Get the Best Deals at the Shopping Mall

Stores located in the national and regional shopping malls are notorious about poor bargaining opportunities but that is really a misconstrued notion to be honest. The stores located in shopping malls have to survive in a highly competitive environment with prices and promotional deals and similar to discount stores such as Wal-Mart and Target, stores in a mall are also endeavoring to swiftly turn the commodities to make space for the latest designs and trends. This means that if a certain item is not able to garner much of customers’ interest, it will surely be put up at discounted prices to assist bolster its sales.

There are substantial saving opportunities for shoppers in end-of-seasons sales and discounts. You will even come across top quality commodities that are only one season old being offered for sale at up to 75 percent off the retail price in such sales.

Shoppers can also get to save more money with the help of mall coupons, reward points, offering gift cards or gift checks at the stores, national credit card offers and special discounts designated for Friends and Family. On a number of occasions, additional savings are announced by stores on sale merchandise.

Let’s discuss with you some ways to get the best deals at shopping mall:

  1. Utilize shopping applications powered by Android or iOS such as Shopkick and Shopular to compare prices and get coupons delivered
  2. Visit mall websites for latest promotions and to get the store coupons printed
  3. Subscribe to mall royalty programs and get special discounts and rewards for your purchase. Sometimes, they even let you shop during special timings using exclusive coupons
  4. Go through the Sunday newspaper for coupons handed out by department stores. The print and electronic media are formidable media of advertising used by department stores to hand out coupons
  5. Subscribe to the mailing lists of your favorite shopping stores. You can also get special in-store coupons and members-only offers
  6. Establish contacts with the store associates and request them to let you know when your favorite merchandise is put on sale. Some associates are kind enough to even hold an item off for you
  7. Keep the coupons in your car so that whenever you make a visit to the mall, you have them right by your side
  8. Keep monitoring prices at your favorite stores. A number of stores put up different items at discounted rates on special days. Ask a store associate the days when the merchandise is displayed at discount and try and shop on those days.
  9. Look for defected commodities that can be fixed and ask for a decrease in price. Most of the stores offer faulty products for sale up to a certain discounted value
  10. Try and seek advantage of special group discounts such as senior discount days, student discounts and military discounts. You can visit the mall’s website to view the participating stores
  11. Always stay updated with your credit card promotions. A number of prominent credit card companies offer cross promotions with mall stores and you can use that offer quite often alongside the usual discounts or coupons
  12. If you are staying at a hotel, check the magazines for local mall coupons and ask the management if the hotel guests are awarded any discounts. You can also look for mall discounts while reserving a room at your designated hotel
  13. Before exiting the mall, ask the associates if there are any coupons that are applicable to your purchase. Also, ensure to enquire about the bounce-back coupons that are being distributed

A number of stores located in a mall follow a price protection policy which seeks to refund the difference to a customer if the price of that commodity falls below a certain threshold. Follow up on your shopping before the time expires. You may even end up as much as 30% in such cases