Accounting Logo Design – How to Design a Good Accounting Logo

Leading accountants in the business industry are capable of communicating with their colleagues, clients and employers in an effective manner, utilize cutting edge technology and are able to attain their targets. So, a killer accounting logo should be able to demonstrate all the above mentioned characteristics. You may refer to the accounting logo as the face of the business or enterprise. It is a representative of the company and helps people associate it with the firm even before they get in contact with it. We will discuss the methodology involved to choose the appropriate accounting logo for your accounting, bookkeeping or CPA enterprise.

Logo design must gain traction among the intended audience

The modern day world is fraught with both virtual as well as real world advertising that has the ability to overwhelm the viewers. Busy-looking accounting logos can comfortably get forgotten in the crowd whereas the simple yet powerful ones can gain the attention of the intended audience. The logo should be a reflection of the services offered by the company whether it is a log of an accounting firm, a bookkeeping business or a Certified Public Accountant.

An ideal logo is professional and formidable. It portrays majesty and dignity and it is not childish or phony. There are a few important aspects that need to be taken into account with regard to an accounting logo which include shapes and colors. The blend of shapes and colors within a logo should represent your industry and uniquely identify your business.

We would suggest you to conduct extensive research of your competitors before making a decision about your logo. You certainly would not want to have a logo that gets confused with that of your competitors and simultaneously you also do not want to adopt a logo that makes it seem as if you are copying some else’s logo. Having said that, you certainly can get helpful ideas from other logos such as the colors that will work for you and the format of the logo that has went down well with the audience.

Logos should be a reflection of services and personality

Typically, subconscious signals are used in a logo by a designer to portray the characteristics that are unique to a certain business. For example, speed is depicted by the use of angular shapes while the traits of being friendly and trustworthy are represented through circular or rounded shapes. So, if you are a Certified Public Accountant who wants to portray his or her ability to develop tax forms readily, then you should go for a pointed triangle. Similarly, an accountant who works in the retirement planning regime, can go for an accounting logo which has a square with rounded corners. You should be looking for a designing firm that has designers with extensive experience and are skilled enough to aptly portray your individual characteristics.

Color is another significant aspect that you have to take into account for your accounting logo. Typically, blue, green and black colors are used in these logos but that does not mean that you stick to only these colors. As a matter of fact, there is such a wide variety of colors available that you can work around with while working in tandem with your design team. Blue is a representation of intelligence and accuracy which happen to be crucial characteristics of an accountant. Green represents stability and growth and black is a symbol of strength and authority. Red could be another option which represents energy and power and purple depicts luxury and comfort. White is a symbol of purity and happens to be an ideal color to be used as a contrast to integrate well in the overall design.

Yellow, orange and pink are other colors that can also be employed in an accounting logo. Yellow is attractive, pink is a strong tool when it comes to attracting female customers and orange is a reflection of affection and warmth.

Logos must be flexible

While opting for an accounting logo, it is important to imagine it in a variety of dimensions and scenarios. For instance, you should be looking for a logo that would gel in nicely in a massive hoarding in front of the office building. It should also look apart on a small advertisement or in the corner of your business card. Simple designs can be comfortably used in varying formats in contrast to prominent logos such as the founder’s signature or a comprehensive figure.

Also think of the logo in black and white as well as in color since numerous print advertisements and other media do not always allow for color variants. An elaborate yet simple design will work effectively. Just think of the logos belonging to successful business ventures such as Apple Computers, Google, UPS Logistics and the popular McDonald’s logo. These symbols can be recognized with immense ease on a compact black and white advertisement in the Sunday newspaper as well as on a massive hoarding over the highway.

How to get the most out of your accounting logo?

Once you have opted for the accounting logo and the team of designers has been successful in having it developed the way it was supposed to be developed, you should get the logo in a wide variety of file formats for varying purposes.

The different file formats are important for different applications so that you are able to get the appropriate format for adding to your website, social media profiles, print advertisements, business stationary, cards and other applications. If your data gets corrupted or you end up losing it such as a broken hard drive disk, fire or some other catastrophe, the team of designers should keep copies of your logo so you can get them and continue using your logo as usual.

The total package should incorporate all the design work and modifications so you do not have to be concerned about spending too much money on getting a suitable accounting logo. To expedite the entire process and render it more affordable, the team of designers should offer packages with stationary and business cards. It should help you get your company get off the ground and get the logo that you have been looking for.