What the concept of integrated reporting in accounting means? How changes in value creation have led to changes in assets valuation? How corporate reporting should reflect the changes? These questions, as well as approach of multiple capitals are explained in the article.

Overproduction crisis of the years 1929-1933 was manifested in the financial and banking activities affected the level of industrial production, commodity prices, industrial and agricultural living standards fell dramatically and unemployment and poverty reached an impressive number of people. "For the United States and Britain, the event was more serious than war itself".

gaapAccounting is a continuous process where an entity keeps financial records to maintain and measure its financial performances. It can also define as the production of financial records about an organization or individuals.  Generally, it produces financial statements like journals, trial balance, profit and loss statements, bank reconciliation statements and balance sheet etc. In the present era, accounting plays one of the most significant roles to determine the success of any organization. 

labour-producEuropean emerging countries face a phenomenon known on financial markets as the Balassa-Samuelson effect. The model, named after two famous economists (Balassa and Samuelson), is highly valued by researchers and financial markets analysts because it provides relevant explanations about the influence that labor productivity growth has on inflation and real appreciation of the exchange rate. First of all, all partners in the financial markets are aware of inflation risk associated with their portfolios. A deep understanding of macroeconomic and financial phenomena it is essential for the investors that want to buy securities from emerging markets.


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importanceOfAccountingThe accounting equation is the basic accounting equation, representing the relationship among the liabilities, assets, and owner's equity of a business. It is the foundation of double entry principle in accounting system. Double entry principle indicates that the total debits are equal to the total credits for any transaction. Incorporate with that principle, the equation displays that all assets of an entity are either financed by browning or the company's shareholders. It is also known balance sheet equation.

Accounting-Information-SystemsThis system of accounting is known as the system of records which basically combines the principles of accounting and necessary concepts with the computer based advantages of information systems. This type of accounting information is used in recording the business transactions to make the preparation of financial statements and presenting accounting data for their users. But some organizations are still using manual based accounting information systems depending on their needs. They use them for making the accounting records with a pen, paper and manual entries made into the accounting book.

Method-Of-DepreciationDepreciation is the term that uses in accounting field. Depreciation is the main part of the account. To make it understand easily for everyone let’s take an example to understand the term depreciation. When you purchase a machine let suppose a washing machine and take it to the home. The seller gives the warranty of washing machine for a certain period but after completing that period. If your washing machine gets out of order then the seller won’t be responsible then you will need to purchase another washing machine. Sometime it happens that we didn’t keep enough money to purchase a new machine at that time we feel sorry for ourself that we can’t afford even a washing machine. To escape from this condition some here is a one solution.

The physical form of currency such as bank-note and coins are known as money or cash. Generally, the possession of money can transfer one to another, known as negotiable in the business world. In another word, cash can be described as a medium of transaction which is negotiable and have value to pay the worth of products, goods or services. It used as a reserve for payments for individuals or any organizations.