We are happy to announce official start of 2014 Photo contest, dedicated to celebration of International Accounting Day!

If you are not familiar with this holiday - read more here: International Accounting Day

Interested? Read on. Here are the steps to join the contest and win great prizes:

  1. Celebrate International Accounting Day! On November 10th, or on other date convenient to you. Alone, with friends, colleagues, your classmates or with your family!
  2. Take a photo of your celebration and share it on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AccountantsDay - in comments to the contest poster. Please, add few words about where did you celebrate (country, city and/or place)
  3. Get LIKES of your photo from your friends until November 15th, 12-00 PST (in UTC/GMT it would be 20-00)
  4. Win great prizes - 3 Gift cards from Amazon with $100 value each!
  5. Order great prizes from Amazon for you or your colleagues and keep celebrating!

How winners will be selected?

At the end of the contest - November 15th, 12-00 PST - all photos in comments to the contest post will be reviewed, and top 3 with most LIKES will be selected as winners. The person, who uploaded that photo will be considered winner. Only one prize per person will be awarded - so we expect to have 3 unique winners.

What is the prize?

We have 3 prizes - Amazon gift cards with face value of $100 US Dollars each. This means that you could select some nice thing(s) and pay for it and for delivery with the gift card. Of course, cost of delivery depends from the country where you live - so pay attention to the total cost of your order (including delivery fee).

If I win - how will I get my prize?

Gift card will be sent to you in electronic form. You will be contacted in Facebook to arrange and track the delivery.

Will my photo(s) be used later?

This website - http://accounting-day.info - is dedicated to International Accounting Day and we are gathering information related to it. We'd like to write an article (one or few), describing how accountants around the world celebrate their professional holiday. Your photos may be used for illustration purposes. Knowing that - please, do not upload photos that could contain sensitive information or may cause privacy concerns.

What if I have other questions?

If you have other questions - feel free to write comment with your question at the bottom of this page. You'll need to have Facebook account to do that.