Even few years ago there was no official day for the accountants in Egypt and they were not celebrating a professional holiday. It was 30th of October 2013, when Mr Muhammad, a tax accountant and the founder of the accountant's day in Egypt, with his colleagues Chartered Accountants and trainees celebrated the accountant’s day in Egypt for the first time.

In fact, they have met because of the illegal exams held by the registration committee of ministry of finance for the trainees in order to get the title of a chartered accountant. As a result, they have sent a message to the registration committee chief in which they states that, "if the committee did not invalidate the illegal registration exams, we will take a legal action against the registration committee’’.

On 31st of October 2014 it was the the first time when accountants in Egypt gathered up for cordial celebration of Accountants’ Day. Celebration was held in Grow skills Academy in Dokki, Giza and program included following topics:

  1. Discussion of the illegal exams held by the registration committee of ministry of finance and finally come to an agreement to raise a lawsuit against it.
  2. Calling for establishing a researches’ committee for the fresh accountants and trainees in order to have a role in the accounting and taxes society.
  3. Calling for holding a law course to help the chartered accountants to defend his client.
  4. Celebrate the accountants who have worked on themselves professionally and have attained hours of professional developing till 25 /10/2014.

Among them are following people:

  • Miss Aisha said Salem who has achieved 30 hours of professional developing.
  • Mr. Mahmoud saber for achieving 26 hours of professional developing.
  • Mr. Muhammad Osman for organizing the day and for the continuous professional developing.

The celebration was sponsored by Mr. Emad Dabour the chairman of the Development and training experts Academy.

The most distinguished issue about this celebration is the attendance of different categories of chartered accountants, under training accountants and a student who represent all the students of all the faculties of commerce whose name is Mr. Ahmad Abdul Rahman.

Translated by,

Shaimaa Said

See the photos from celebration on Oct 31, 2014: