We are very proud to announce the winners of Photo Contest 2014!

Thank you to everyone who supported the contest by sharing the word and submitting your photos.

The winners are:

1. Mohamed Osman - Cairo, Egypt. 59 likes total.

2. Accountancy@UJ community, Johannesburg, South Africa. 42 likes total.

3. Mariya Nazarenko, Kyiv, Ukraine. 15 likes total.

A special prize for the funniest photo goes to: Oleksii Golyk.

All winners will be contacted soon to receive their award!

A short explanation about how we counted the votes.

It turned out that Facebook is not the most convenient site to do contests, so it caused some confusion on how to share photos properly. Thus it was decided to sum up Likes on photo and Likes on posts for sharing photo. Also, it was decided NOT to count votes obtained from Like-sharing communities on Facebook (as these are not genuine Likes).

Thank you all once again! And wishing a great fun further on!