International Accounting Day or International Accountant’s Day is celebrated all around the world every year to give recognition to accountants who do highly challenging and stressful job that a very few people want to do. Different communities, institutions, and countries celebrate this day on different dates, but in most parts of the world, November 10 is considered as an official International Accounting Day.

In 2014 different organizations, communities and countries celebrated this day with great enthusiasm.

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) celebrates International Accounting Day

The accounting bodies across the world has been promoting the accounting profession by organizing different seminars and workshops for the professional financial and accounting professionals. ACCA is no exception. Every year, the UK accounting body, ACCA, organizes training workshops and events around the world to bring awareness in the business community about the importance of an accountancy profession. In recognition of the International Accounting Day on November 10, they celebrated the event by posting a message wishing all the accountants “Happy ACCA Day” and posted pictures with a cake on different social mediums congratulating the accountants for their hard work.


Singapore Celebrates International Accountants Day 2014

On November 6, 2014, an event was organized at a very large scale in Singapore by different professional bodies like CPA Australia, Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants, and Singapore Accountancy Commission and Community Chest, and various accounting bodies and professional accounting and audit firms supported this event including, Deloitte, Grant Thornton, Baker Tilly TFW, ACCA, ICAEW, Institute of Internal Auditors Singapore, Standard Chartered Bank, PwC, Ernst and Young, Temasek Holdings and KPMG. The goal of this event was to celebrate the accountancy profession as Singapore transformed into Global Accountancy Hub.

This event brought together more than 3,000 accounting and finance professionals from the corporate sector, banks, public sectors, and accounting firms to enjoy different activities including Charity Street Games, a contest to eat chillies together, and taking pictures of 50 accountants to assemble a huge tapestry.


In 2013, the celebration included activities, donating a book for underprivileged children, accounting firms in friendly tug-of-war, musical entertainment and charity activities. Singapore has been celebrating this day with great passion and exuberance since 2012. Even some of the beauty salons in Singapore offer special discounts to accountants to celebrate their hard work.


Celebrating International Accounting Day in the United States

Accountemps – A Robert Half Company, is a specialized and the first largest temporary staffing organization for financial and accounting professionals. The management team of Accountemps consists of managers with prior experience in accounting and finance industry, who can better understand the clients’ need and the potential of candidates with unique talent.
This organization participates in different philanthropy programs and conducts events for awareness of the accounting profession. They celebrated the International Accounting Day on November 10 in different offices across America including Chicago, New York and the corporate office in California.


Accounting Day – A Community Organization in San Diego

A community organization in San Diego, called the Accounting Day, celebrated the International Accounting day on May 19 last year, which was attended by a lot of professionals from the business community. The event included presentations from the guest speakers and panel discussions with CFOs and CPAs.


Rivet – A Software Company Celebrates International Accounting Day with a Fun Survey

A software company, Rivet, also celebrated the International Accounting Day to appreciate the work of accountants and the challenges they face every day. They posted a heartwarming message on their website, and showed their love and appreciation by offering them a minute break to participate in a fun survey called “Favorite Character Accountants”. The participants of this survey sent their responses, and Rivet posted the 7 Most Beloved Accountant Characters, including, Oscar Wallace from the movie Untouchables, Harold Crick from Stranger than Fiction, Louis Tully from Ghostbusters, Andy Dufresne from the movie Shawshank Redemption and the accounting team at Dunder Mifflin from The Office.


CPA Australia Celebrating 60 Years in Singapore

CPA Australia that is a renowned accounting body in Australia held a CPA Congress in Singapore, which is a part of a global event, to celebrate 60 years in Singapore on October 8, 2014. At this ceremony, Chairman of the Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC) delivered a speech on “Visionary Leadership in Business and Finance” to 300 luminaries from the business community. He emphasized on the importance of three key elements for better leadership skills, including, diversity, advocacy, and innovation. At this special event, SAC signed a cooperation agreement with CPA Australia along with other partnership initiatives, such as, International Accounting Day, and CFO Connect Symposium to further strengthen their professional relationship.


Move Your Mojo – Inspiring Change through wellness with 200 International Accountants

The International Accounting Day wasn’t just celebrated by professional institutions and firm. Some of the individuals also celebrated this event to create awareness among the accountants and community at large. An internationally trained Mojo Mentor, writer and speaker, Jo Brown, hosted an event “Inspiring Change through Wellness with 200 International Accountants” through her campaign called “Move Your Mojo” to celebrate the International Accounting Day.

200 accounts executive and financial management advisors participated in this event. The motive of this event was to discuss the importance of Mindful Management for Stress Resilience, our food choices, Digital Detoxing, and how to improve the concentration, business relationships and productivity through self-responsible practices. The most exciting part of this event was the 21 DAY MOJO CHALLENGE which was accepted by 50 percent of the participants to improve their wellbeing through digital detoxing, movement and exercise, stress resilience at work and at play etc.


Egyptian community of accountants established a new tradition celebrating Accounting Day

Even few years ago there was no official day for the accountants in Egypt and they were not celebrating a professional holiday. It was 30th of October 2013, when Mr Muhammad, a tax accountant and the founder of the accountant's day in Egypt, with his colleagues Chartered Accountants and trainees celebrated the accountant’s day in Egypt for the first time.

In fact, they have met because of the illegal exams held by the registration committee of ministry of finance for the trainees in order to get the title of a chartered accountant. As a result, they have sent a message to the registration committee chief in which they states that, "if the committee did not invalidate the illegal registration exams, we will take a legal action against the registration committee’’.

On 31st of October 2014 it was the the first time when accountants in Egypt gathered up for cordial celebration of Accountants’ Day. Celebration was held in Grow skills Academy in Dokki, Giza.

The celebration was sponsored by Mr. Emad Dabour the chairman of the Development and training experts Academy.

The most distinguished issue about this celebration is the attendance of different categories of chartered accountants, under training accountants and a student who represent all the students of all the faculties of commerce whose name is Mr. Ahmad Abdul Rahman.


International Accounting Day in Romania – The National Day of the Romanian Accountant

CECCAR, a body of expert and licensed accountants of Romania, celebrates the National Day of Romanian Accountant every year on September 21. They started celebrating this day back in 2005 to celebrate the accounting profession. The reason behind choosing the date September 21 was that it was an Equinox Day between summer and autumn. On this day, a day equals the night and it is the beginning of a Libra sign that represents the balance. As a symbol of the accountancy profession is Account (which also represent balance), an instrument that is denoted by the sign “T”, the date was chosen to be the National Day of the Romanian Accountant.

Moreover, CECCAR also conducts the Congress of the Romanian Accounting Profession twice a year at a very large scale. Local professionals and international professional institutions participate in this congress.

The National Day for Romanian Accountant is celebrated across the nation at the same time to promote the interests and role of accountants in a competitive market economy. The awards and diplomas are presented to the accounting firms and expertise on this occasion.


International Accounting Day at the Department of Accounting and Audit in PoltNTU Ukraine

On November 10 last year, the students of the Department of Accounting and Audit in PoltNTU also celebrated the International Accounting Day in Ukraine, by holding an event on “International Education Standards for Professional Accountants.” The chief accountant of the university, and the Deputy Dean of the faculty of management and business gave the opening remarks on this ceremony.

Different presentations were given on various topics. The topics included Entry Requirements to a Program of Professional Accounting Education, Content of Professional Accounting Education Programs, Content vocational education Accountants, Professional Values, Ethics and Attitudes, Professional Skills and General Education, Professional training and general education, Continuing Professional Development (A Program of Lifelong Learning and Continuing Development of Professional Competence), Practical Experience Requirements, Competence Requirements for Audit Professionals, and Assessment of Professional Capabilities and Competence.



Finance and Accounting Day – Netherlands

In Netherland, the Finance and Accounting Day is celebrated by an institution called the “Asset | International Business & Management”, where one Accounting Firm and one Finance firm offer an interesting case study to the students. The purpose of this event is to provide insight in both Finance and Accounting, and to clarify the difference between the two fields.

On this day, the designated committee of the institute persuades companies to participate in the event and be a part of the activities to provide workshops and case studies for the students.


What to expect in 2015?

This is not a one-time effort by any of these countries, communities and organizations. They celebrate the International Accounting Day every year with the same passion and devotion, and many of these institutions and firms have already announced the venue and details for 2015. Every financial and accounting professional should come forward and be a part of this celebration to acknowledge the determination and ongoing struggle of accountants and accounting bodies to bring harmonization, transparency and quality in the profession worldwide.