This website was founded in 2009 and is purely volunteer project for me. I feel idea of International Accounting Day is worth of attention and needs to be promoted among all accountants around the world. Accountants deserve to have a professional holiday!

By this moment I've invested thousands of dollars into development (design, technical implementation, promotion) of this site. And it generates some minor income from advertisement (one or few dollars per month). But for this website to be further developed - a lot of attention and personal time is needed. Main activities are - writing articles, promoting some events, sharing news among local communities, collecting information how other countries celebrate this holiday etc. Ideally this could be a community or university - because they could always find someone available to write news.

That is why I ask for any volunteers or potential partners to join. I can give you full access and freedom to develop this website. And I still can provide some support and pay for hosting. How exactly this can work among us - we can discuss. Just leave a comment below (or on facebook page ) and I'll contact you directly.