7 Tips to Create a Job Winning Cover Letter


Here are the 7 tips to create a job winning cover letter that is easy to comprehend and gains the requisite traction from the employers.

Your cover letter should contain content that is able to convince your potential employers. These tips can prove to be handy in coming up with a solid cover letter that portrays your strengths and skills and why you are the right man or woman for the job.

It can be quite simple to create a job winning cover letter if you know what the employer is actually in pursuit of.

1 – Know your job post

You should be well-acquainted with the job post you are applying for. You should be familiar with the employer’s requirements. Scour through the job advertisement in detail. Try to understand the stipulated requirements, identify the core skills and prowess that has been underlined in the job posting and figure out the key criterion. Here are the sample job descriptions.

2 – Bring your own experience into play

You need to ensure that you have the requisite experience for the job post and then you incorporate it into the cover letter. Enlist your current tasks and responsibilities that are relevant to the job post. Add your skillset and knowledge that is according to the job advertisement.

Enlist your achievements in relation to the job post. Narrow down the instances when you were able to implement the capabilities and behaviors required for the job. Employ your knowledge of the job to ensure that the information you provide relates to the job requirements.

3 – Search out for a name to address the cover letter to

You may contact the organization and get to know the name and designation of the person to whom the cover letter should be addressed to.

A cover letter should not be addressed To Whom It May Concern or to the Human Resource Manager. Ensure that there are no error typographic errors involved.

4 – Introduction should grab attention

Mention why you are writing the letter and why the employer should go through it. Here are a few statements that can replicated according to your own context.

  • I have gone through your job posting for a Sales Associate as I believe that my experience and skills are in line with the job requirements.
  • The job advertisement for the post of Administrative Assistant is according to my background and experience.
  • I came across your job posting for Office Manager which appears to match with my credentials and experience.
  • I am pleased to apply for the post of Secretary in your esteemed organization. I strongly believe that my skills and experience correspond to those outlined in the posting.
  • Please find enclosed a copy of my resume in response to your advertised post of Accountant. I am confident that my experience and skills along with my qualifications will let me make a valuable contribution to your organization.

5 – Enlist your skills and strengths

In order to ensure that your potential employer feels intrigued to go through your cover letter, come up with a convincing story of your strengths and skills.

A cover letter should not be longer than a page’s length typically but it should be comprehensive enough to let the reader know what you are all about.

The cover letter should be concise and yet powerful. Entail your skills and capabilities in bulleted form. Here are a few examples:

  • Managed projects in a successful fashion to meet the company’s objectives
  • Well-acquainted with computer applications including spreadsheets, presentations and database management.
  • Solid background in relationship building
  • Extensive experience in building capacities of team members
  • Solid interpersonal skills and preparing compelling presentations

6 – Call to Action

The main aim of your cover letter is to convince the employer to read your resume and contact you to set up an interview. Instill an air of confidence in the reader that his or her company is going to reap rich dividends by continuing to read the application.

Clarify your expectation that the employer will contact you. Close out the cover letter in a strong worded fashion. Here is a formidable phrase to do so:

I would be pleased to discuss with you in person the positive contribution that I can make to your company. Looking forward to hearing from you about a mutually convenient time and place for the interview.

I would be glad to be able to meet you in person and discuss my experience and skill set with you in detail.

I strongly believe that I will be able to be a precious asset to the company and look forward to a mutually convenient time and place for the interview.

7 – Thank the reader

Always pay your gratitude to the reader regarding his time and patience for going through your application.

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