7 Types of Accounting Resumes


You can come across accounting jobs in industries of all kinds with careers in accountancy and finance in great demand. A job winning resume can help you land the job you have been striving for as it instantly tells the reader why you are an appropriate candidate for the job opening. Here are a few sample resumes that will assist you in coming up with a well-written resume.

Accounting resume

The top space of a resume is encompassed by a profile statement that presents a concise description of the individual’s relevant skills and experience and instantly informs the employer why he is the right person for the job. Certain parameters in a resume can be employed to underscore one’s experience in a certain field. This accounting sample resume will help you forge a resume in a professional manner.

Junior Accountant Resume

If you are an accountant at a junior level with only a few years of experience, then this sample accountant resume is what you are looking for. This sample resume underscores the primary responsibilities related to the job of a junior accountant and the skills and expertise expected of him or her. This junior accountant sample resume will help you get your career off to a rollicking start.

Bookkeeper resume

This bookkeeper resume includes a work experience section that elaborates job responsibilities and duties in previous jobs. The job responsibilities have been enumerated in bullet form; thereby letting the reader comprehend the candidate’s expertise and skills. It is imperative that you emphasize your IT skills and expertise in dealing with finance and accounting software. So, your resume must contain a section that presents your technical skills in an appropriate manner. Here is a sample bookkeeper resume for more detail.

Accounts payable resume

You should discuss with examples the different experiences you have had throughout your career in different posts as an accountant. Billing, managing collections and reconciliations are some of the fields that you should definitely mention.

This sample accounts payable resume will help you come up with a convincing and impressive resume.

Accounting clerk resume

It is imperative that you portray your accounting skills and experience in an easy to comprehend manner in your resume.

It is also important that your resume is customized in accordance with the job description provided in the job advertisement so that you are able to convince the employer to pick you up for the interview. This sample accounting clerk resume will assist you in forging a resume that will stand you in good stead against competitors.

Entry level accounting resume

The education and qualification of a fresh graduate are essential in ensuring that his or her resume is noticed for the advertised post. This sample resume highlights the disparate characteristics that will ensure that your resume catches the attention of your potential employer.

In this resume, all the accountancy related skillsets and expertise are underscore clearly and any relevant work experience is also presented appropriately. The reader will definitely go through your resume if the profile statement is impressive enough.

We have also incorporated sample profile statements to assist you in coming up with a convincing profile statement of your own. Then there is the computer skills section that highlights your technical expertise. Here is the sample entry level accounting resume to help you get the job of your dreams.

Here are the links to the sample bank teller resume and cashier resume.

Here are the detailed accounting job descriptions to figure out the key competencies that need to be underscored in a certain resume.

An accounting or finance letter without a high quality cover letter lacks the requisite power punch. Here are the sample accounting cover letters to grab your potential employer’s attention.

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