Accounting and Bookkeeping Software for Mac Users


If you own plenty of Apple computers in your enterprise running the MacOS operating system, then you would know the significance of an accounting software that is supported by the operating system. Most of the accounting software that are available, are compatible with both Windows and MacOS but which of them is really ideal for a Mac computer? We bring to you some of the best accounting software for Mac users.

1 – Intuit QuickBooks for Mac

This is one of the most popular accounting software that has been designed especially for Mac users. It is a highly recommended software for small scale enterprises using the MacOS operating system. It lets you create invoices, monitor sales, retrieve information stored in the cloud storage from a variety of devices and coordinate with your accountant. It is a wonderful choice for small enterprises, self-employed entrepreneurs and even a great enterprise level solution.

2 – MoneyWorks Gold

This accounting software is a handy one for small and medium sized businesses. Typically, the accounting software designed for Mac users are not as popular as the ones designed for PC users. However, the developer has worked hard on this application which lets users manage their cash flow, maintain orders and inventory and localize each section.

3 – Xero

Xero is a popular accounting software designed for Mac users and consists of a simple and user-friendly interface. In addition, it is cross-platform friendly which means that users can employ it on both PCs running Windows as well as Apple computers running MacOS. It is a mobile responsive application as well and lets users monitor invoices, quotes, expenditure, payroll, inventory and acquisition.

4 – FreshBooks

Similar to Xero, FreshBooks is available online and comes in a mobile responsive version as well. It is an intuitive application that has gained massive traction among users who do not fancy accounting. It is extremely user-friendly and allows users to retrieve data from the cloud storage. The developers have added secure firewall to the application. It lets users keep track of time, payments and expenditure with ridiculous comfort. It is an ideal choice for a burgeoning startup.

5 – Wave Accounting

More often than not, owners of small businesses have to pay plenty of money to get a good accounting software. Wave Accounting is a free application for the Mac users, however. It is completely free and lets users scan receipts, create and send invoices and create important financial reports. Keep in mind that it offers unlimited free service to the Mac users.

6 – Express Accounts

This application also comes with a free version for the users of Apple computers. It lets them monitor payments, view reports, and email financial information to their accountants. The paid version is a handy one if your business owns five Mac computers. The paid version offers more options and enhanced functionality.

7 – AccountEdge Pro

Whatever the organization size is, AccountEdge offers the tools to get your numbers in line.


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