How to Look Rich When You are Not


How to Look Rich When You are Not

There cannot be two views about it: everyone wants to become rich! And there is no harm in that. People with lots and lots of money are able to get access to the best things in life while the mediocre folk such as us have to live out our days yearning for what could not be ours. But is it necessary that we keep on displaying utmost patience and forbearance? Is it mandatory that we have to put on polyester apparel instead of silk wardrobe? Eat from dollar store plates rather than from exquisite china? No, absolutely not! But if you are looking forward towards experiencing some of the best things in life even if you are a bit tight on your budget, you have to be willing to take some drastic steps in your lives.

Just to make things clear, this post is not about pretending to be rich or does not even encourage you to be fake and pretentious. That would be nothing but downright ugly. This post is about ways to spend your lives with supreme quality, both avariciously and in your day to day living; living a lifestyle that can be linked to wealth and not to a guy earning an average income.

Stop spending money and figure out your assets

The first step to living like rich people on an average income is to instantly stop spending money on the non-necessary items and things and determine your assets. Based on your assets, it could take a long time up to several weeks.

Start with the furniture and then gradually assess smaller stuff, less important items such as a sock drawer.

Make a compact yet comprehensive list by each room, the things in the room, and assess the entire area of your home. You can also capture photographs of the items in the room, cabinet, wardrobe and drawers. As you assess these things and enlist them, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do I fancy it?
  • Is it necessary?
  • Do I feel proud to own it?
  • Does it add value to my life?
  • Is it handy and nifty?
  • Do I even use it or wear it or care about it?

Items that you cannot respond in the affirmative to, should be instantly considered to be removed transiently or liquidated. Items that confuse you and you are not able to make a decision regarding them should also be removed for the time being and stored on trial basis.

Keep in mind that anything that you keep despite a negative response will take up space in your home and denigrate the appearance that you want to acquire whether for yourself or for your home décor. It will only waste your time since you will have to organize it, clean it and maintain your home and your personal looks.

Less is more

My parents must have said, “Less is more, son!” probably several million times but I was always looking for more and more. I was always of the view that a closet brimming with apparel meant that I was successful and rich. Then I had to move to different cities owing to my job obligations and I had to transfer my bulky wardrobe everywhere I went.

All of a sudden, my future that seemed to be fine and used to lie in dim lighting, had to be loaded off of moving vans in bright daylight and in a pretty bad way as well. It was not that my future got clumsy but it was just of poor quality and looked threadbare and downtrodden. It simply was not an equivalent of anything that could be even closely deemed as success.

Most of it remain packed in my suitcase for several months. After I had to make a relocation for the sixth time, I got the hang of it, threw the junk out and that was that!

Minimalist living

This is a brilliant time to begin to live your life according to this golden principle, “less is more!”

Minimalistic lifestyle is gaining traction among people and for several good reasons. Firstly, it encourages a greener way of living. Secondly, things are becoming costly with every passing day and despite their high cost, their quality is becoming low and low gradually. In contrast to the days of the yore, people seem to be appreciating those who are living happy lives with a few pieces of select furniture.

But what is so great about minimalist living is that living with less does not mean that you have to spend the days of your life without enjoying the luxuries of life. Quite antithetic to it, it means that you should purchase things that add maximum value to your lifestyle.

Here is a fun fact: According to a research published in the Wall Street Journal, people only wear two-fifth of clothes in their closet. Just think of the space that we can get if we remove the remaining three-fifths or four-fifths of clothes from our wardrobe. Simply think of the money that we could have had, had we not purchased those three-fifths of the clothes.

Now, simply think of adding to that space clothing that is elegant, exquisite, and splendid and will add value to your life and your personality!

Purchase stuff of the best quality possible

As soon as you get rid of the unneeded items, you will yearn to give a serious thought to what you so dearly want to do in your magnificent future life. Simply think with regard to quality in contrast to quantity by limiting what you can really substitute.

A good way to do this is to make a list of the top five things that you want to purchase for your home or for your wardrobe. Prioritize the items enlisted in terms of the need, overall effect and the amount of personal value you anticipate to get from them. Then start to think about purchasing the one with the highest rating.

This is where faith in quality over quantity will turn it around for you. Any compromise on quality will still let you substitute three of the items instantly. But then you will be back to square one from where you started.

For instance, are you looking to purchase the $65 desk from a huge furniture store that is likely to end up in your store room in three year time or would you rather restrain yourself until you are able to purchase a quality piece of furniture that will add value to your home and last for generations?

If you ask me, I would hold myself and wait until I get enough buying power to purchase that quality piece of furniture. In the meantime, I would probably place something that is almost the same as the low cost desk if not something better than it.

Hey, I love this quote and I am sure you will also fall in love with it once you read it: “Only the rich can afford to buy cheap things.”

Developing a rich lifestyle

There are certain misconstrued notions regarding what dressing rich is all about. Firstly, it is not about purchasing expensive dresses. You can witness a real life example of that in the popular TV series “Real Housewives”.

Just because someone is rich enough to toss one of their 10 Giorgio Armani blazers over their Stairmaster or get the latest edition of Alexander McQueen’s collection by replacing the last one, does not mean that they will look royal and rich once they put them on.

Stay classic

Appearing wealthy is all about forging an individual style and bolstering that style with well-designed, classic apparel, accessories and footwear. It is of no significance whether the apparel that fits your style and persona is bought from eBay or from a chic designer’s boutique.

You must be wondering what the point is in sticking with classic clothing. Simply put, classic clothing remains in fashion perennially and the better quality you purchase, the longer it will last. Trendy and fashionable dressing on the other hand is not durable. You will get to wear it for no more than a couple of years and then the trend will die its own miserable death. Moreover, trendy wardrobe tends to make you stand out of the crowd and makes loud statement and so most of the people are not able to wear it a lot.

It is easy to personalize classic clothing with your own persona. By using elegant and exquisite accessories or put on shoes that are of high quality will certainly make you feel good and rich about yourself.

Affordable way to polish any appearance

You also need to perfect your grooming habits if you want to look wealthy. Dirty hair, long and dirty fingernails, rough toenails, wrinkled or stained dressing and poorly fitted apparel will make an expensive dress as if it were a threadbare and worn out apron. Your handbags and shoes should make you look rich and your personality polished!

No need to over spend

As discussed above, you do not necessarily have to purchase your dress from an expensive designer’s boutique to make it look decent on you. As a matter of fact, it is futile and simply a waste of money to spend lots of money on purchasing classic clothing. There is no point in spending $500 on a white cotton shirt when you can get a similar one for a lot less amount of money.

Try and buy clothes that are made of quality fabrics and are designed appropriately. Well-designed clothes are:

  • Properly sewn and without ragged seams or loose threads
  • The designs in the fabric will be similar to those at the seams
  • Prefer self-facing around the cuffs, collars and packet
  • Always purchase the one with quality stitching
  • Look for a hem allowance of 1.5” to 2” depending on the weight of the item

Attitude is all that matters

An individual’s attitude and their disposition with others is very crucial to giving a rich appearance. Wealthy lot are generally stereotyped as phony and rude but in reality, most of them are well mannered. Nevertheless, there are certain attitudes that can be observed in people born with a silver spoon in their mouth and those who recently acquired their wealth.

Have you ever observed that people who have been rich through generations are well-mannered, soft-spoken and polite? If they have to face poor quality service, they will wait patiently but will never probably return to the same place again. Most of them will not shout out loudly.

They also seem to be calm and composed always. It would be quite rare for a really rich person to rush to a plane or fight for his or her turn in the queue at a departmental store. They remain patient at all times.

The Upshot

Being rich is not about being well-dressed only. It is a total package which includes personal lifestyle, appropriate grooming, manners, habits and your attitude with others.

In short, here are the five areas that you really need to focus on:

  • Less is more
  • Go for the best quality
  • Develop a lifestyle of your own
  • Perfect your grooming habits
  • Stay cool and composed

Give a shot to the above mentioned areas and you will be able to appear rich despite your lousy paycheck.

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