When Accounting Day is Celebrated in Kenya


Accountants in Kenya do not have a national professional holiday, so it is recommended celebrate International Accounting Day on November 10th

Interesting facts about Kenya

Did you know that USA President Barack Obama has roots in Kenyan tribes?

Kenya has over 40 different tribes. The two major tribes are Luo and Kikuyu. President Obama’s father was from the Luo tribe. Oscar winner, Lupita Nyo’ngo is from the Luo tribe. Waangari Maathai, the first Kenyan and African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, was from the Kikuyu tribe. Most of the Kenyan athletes who win the long distant races are from the Kalenjin tribe. This is why many of their names begin with “Kip” (male) or “Chep” (female)

Although Kenya is right on the Equator, Mt. Kenya, Kenya’s highest mountain, has snow at the top! The Wildebeest migration from Kenya’s Maasai Mara national park to Tanzania’s Serengeti national park has been called the 8th wonder of the world.

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