When Is Accountants Day Celebrated In United Kingdom


United Kingdom doesn’t have specific day to celebrate national holiday of accountants.

International Accounting Day is celebrated on November 10th and this is the professional holiday of all accountants. This holiday is also frequently referred as Accountant’s Day.

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants organized on August 25, 2012, the largest ever celebration of management accountants.

British have a Spring Bank Holiday on the last Monday in May, a June Bank Holiday on the the first Monday in June, the TT Bank Holiday on the first Friday in June, an August Bank Holiday in the first day of August.  Although these days have a title referring to banking activity, they are perceived more as days on which banks are closed.

Accountancy software firm Kashflow has called for October 25 to be named “National Hug Your Accountant Day”.

Facts about accounting in United Kingdom

The UK has about 50,000 family doctors, but nearly 280,000 professionally qualified accountants. That is almost the highest number per capita in the world and more than the rest of the European Union put together.

Nearly 165,000 students are registered with the UK accountancy trade associations to become professional accountants. In addition, probably more than 100,000 are studying for accounting and business degrees at UK universities and colleges, dwarfing the numbers studying engineering, mathematics and sciences. A record number of graduates are making a career in accounting.

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