When is Accounting Day celebrated in Bangladesh


Bangladesh has become a very civilized country. The education rate is getting higher day by day. The new generation gives their concentration in accounting. Most of the people think that the account is very easy subject and it can handle. However, it is right because there is some trick that is used in accounting and some formats are there. Having followed those methods we need to do accounting. Accounting has become base of any organization. No one can run their firm without using accounting. Now people are getting advance and using accounting softwares in the company to minimize the work and make it possible to complete 4 days work in one day. This is a big achievement for any organization if they are achieving their target by using the softwares. Some of the Bangladesh companies are ranked in top hundred companies in the world due to better management and perfect accounting. They are making the revenue. Even the auditor becomes worried some time while auditing of accounts of the company.

The Accounting day in Bangladesh is celebrated with the holidays. Some of the better companies and banks create the seminar in their firm and invite some of the great accounted to share their view and experience of their career. In the seminar, they make some sort activities related to the accounting and invite their employees take participate in that to polish their skills while working with the senior people. Some of the firm does not do these sorts of things and just make the holidays during that day. But that is the sign of good though to create a seminar and people participate in that to polish their skills. It should be applied on every firm to make aware their employee about the advancement of the accounting of the senior people of the firm.

In the schools and collages of the Bangladesh. The student of accounting creates the same sort of seminar to get knowledge of their teacher and debate on the accounts topic to take out the solution of any problem. They create competition in the seminar related to the accounting. Whoever wins the competition they distribute the prizes among them. This sort of practice should be done everywhere to get knowledge from the different people who are expert in accounting field. Accounting day is celebrated on 10 November in the world to give the valued to this subject. By these sorts of day’s people become aware accounting subjects. If seminars are created that would be use full for our new generation to create awareness in this day among young students of accounting by sharing knowledge to them. Some of the big companies end their accounting year on 10 November and make the closing of their accouting year accounts on this day. They celebrate their accounting year while closing their account on this date and arrange some parties to give enjoyment to their employees. These sorts of activities take place in the world and in Bangladesh on accounting day.

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