When is Accounting Day celebrated in USA


There is no specific date in U.S. which is designated as National Accounting Day or similar professional holiday for accountants.

Thus we recommend to celebrate International Accounting Day on November 10th.

In the United States of America the National Tax Day is celebrated on April 15 as this day is considered being the last day before the Fiscal New Year.  Many voices from the United States claim a national day – Hug Your Accountant in order to show the people respect for accountants activity.

In San Diego, an Accounting Day is celebrated on May 12 since 1972 under the supervision of California Society of CPA’s, with the main purpose of promoting the accounting as a main and necessary profession in the contemporary economic and financial conditions. Also, in the United States, other days that celebrate the accountants are fixed on September 20 and July 28, but their importance is smaller and the scope is pure commercial, without a connection with the accounting activity. Americans have a Tax Freedom Day, that hasn’t a fix date, being set for illustrating the proportion of national income diverted to fund the annual government’s expenditures. In absence of a generally recognized Accountants Day, it is recommended to celebrate the International Accountants Day on November 10.

Interesting facts about accounting in US

Total country population: 316,218,000. Total area: 3,794,101 square miles. Total GDP: $15.685 Trillions.

Total number of accountants: 1,100,000; which makes:

  • 0.34% of population.
  • 1 accountant per 287 persons.
  • 1 accountant per 3.38 square miles.
  • 1 accountant handles $14,26 million of GDP.

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics among all accountants:

  • 27% – Public accountants working in firms
  • 73% – Management accountants in business

Total number of CPAs stands around 646,000; and of them 377,000 are members of AICPA.

The future of the profession is bright, as Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts 16% increase in accounting job openings by year 2017.

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